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Sunlight Plastic Film Greenhouse For Agriculture

Sunlight Greenhouse

Sunlight Plastic Film Greenhouse For Agriculture

Sunlight greenhouses are also known as Solar greenhouses. This type of greenhouse has advantages of good thermal insulation, high quality and value, strong practice, and low investment, which is widely used for vegetable and flower production in family or small farm. The sunlight greenhouse usually chooses plastic film as the cover, and there is three sides of wall in its north, east and west sides. The wall is built by soil or brick. In winter, the farmer uses thermal insulation curtain to cover the greenhouse for keeping warm; in summer, some farmers install cooling system to decrease the temperature. The sunlight greenhouse application includes vegetable growing, flower growing and seedling, etc.


    Characteristics of Sunlight  Greenhouse

    1. Front slope covered with insulation cover in night; East, West, north side with retaining wall; with single slope covered by film, this type of greenhouse is called sunlight greenhouse. The characteristics of this type of greenhouse is good insulation, low investment and saving energy.
    2. Performance of sunlight greenhouse: energy-saving sunlight greenhouse’s light transmittance rate is above 60%~80%, the internal and external temperature difference can be maintained at more than 21~25 degrees Celsius.
    3. The sunlight greenhouse is mainly composed of three parts: the surrounding wall, the rear roof and the front roof, which are referred to as the "three elements" of the sunlight greenhouse. The front roof is the entire lighting surface of the greenhouse. During the daytime lighting period, the front roof is only covered with plastic film for lighting. When outdoor When the light decreases, cover the greenhouse with plastic film in a timely manner to enhance the insulation of the greenhouse.

    Greenhouse Cover&Structure

    • 1. Steel Structure
    • Steel structure material is high quality carbon steel which is accordance with national standard. Steel parts and fasteners are processed according to “GB/T1912-2002 Technical Requirements and Test Methods of Hot-galvanized Layer for Metal Coating Steel Production”. Inside and outside hot galvanized steel should meet the national standard (GB/T3091-93) requirements of quality products. Galvanized layer should have thickness uniformity, no burr, and the galvanized layer thickness is not less than 60um.
    • 2. Cover material
    • The film cover usually uses PE film or PO film. PE film is produced by 3-layer technology, and PO film by 5-layer technology. All the film has UV coating, and it has characteristic of anti-drip and anti-aging.The film thickness is 120 microns, 150 microns or 200 microns.

    Warming System

    The common Sunlight  greenhouse Warming system is mostly single-layer insulation, which is rolled by manual and motor.


    Ventilation System


    Greenhouse ventilation systems are divided into two types: natural ventilation and forced ventilation. Natural ventilation in membrane greenhouses uses roll membrane ventilation on the roof and sides. Insect-proof nets are installed at the ventilation openings, and the insect-proof nets are 60 mesh. The ventilation of the Sunlight greenhouse is mainly side ventilation。Ventilation systems can be customized according to customer needs and growing conditions.  

    Irrigation System


    We supply two types of irrigation system, drip irrigation system and spray irrigation system. So you can choose the best one for your greenhouse.

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