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Multi-Span Agricultural Polycarbonate Greenhouse With Outer Sunshade System

Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Multi-Span Agricultural Polycarbonate Greenhouse With Outer Sunshade System

The polycarbonate (PC) greenhouse is preferred Venlo type (also can use circular arch type), using a multi span roof, with shape of modern, stable structure, beautiful form, smooth version, remarkable thermal insulation performance, moderate light transmission rate, many rainy grooves, large span, drainage volume, strong wind resistance ability, suitable for area of big wind and rainfall. PC greenhouse has good light transmittance, low heat conduction coefficient. The polycarbonate sheet has good characteristics of good light transmittance, long service life, tensile strength, and the simple steel structure is able to meet the requirements of anti-wind and snow, and it has long service life, beautiful appearance and can reduce the repeated construction and investment, so it is first choice currently instead of the plastic film greenhouse and glass greenhouse.


    Polycarbonate sheet has the following characteristics

    (1) light transmittance: light transmission rate of up to 89%, which can be compared with the glass.
    (2) impact resistance: the impact strength is 250-300 times of ordinary glass, 30 times of the same thickness of acrylic board, 2-20 times of tempered glass.
    (3) anti UV: one side has the anti-ultraviolet ray (UV) coating, the other side with anti condensation coating.
    (4) light weight: the proportion is only half of the glass, saving the cost of transportation, unloading, installation, and supporting framework.
    (5) flame retardant: national standard GB50222 - 95 confirmed that the PC sheet is B1 level.
    (6) flexibility: at the site it can be bent coldly.
    (7) sound insulation: sound insulation effect is obvious.
    (8) energy saving: in summer keep cool, in winter keep warm.
    (9) the temperature adaptability: it does not have the cold brittleness at -40℃, and not soften at 125℃.
    (10) anti condensation: outdoor temperature of 0℃, indoor temperature of 23℃, the indoor relative humidity less than 80%, inner surface has no condensation.
    (11) simple and convenient, not as heavy as traditional materials.


    Type Polycarbonate Greenhouse
    Span Width 8m/9.6m/10.8m/12m
    Bay width 4m / 8m
    Gutter hight 3-8m
    Snow load 0.5KN/M2
    Wind load 0.6KN/M2
    Hanging load    15KG/M2
    Max rainfall discharge 140 mm/h

    Greenhouse Cover&Structure

    • 1. Steel Structure
    • Steel structure material is high quality carbon steel which is accordance with national standard. Steel parts and fasteners are processed according to “GB/T1912-2002 Technical Requirements and Test Methods of Hot-galvanized Layer for Metal Coating Steel Production”. Inside and outside hot galvanized steel should meet the national standard (GB/T3091-93) requirements of quality products. Galvanized layer should have thickness uniformity, no burr, and the galvanized layer thickness is not less than 60um.
    • 2. Cover material
    • Name: Polycarbonate
    • The polycarbonate sheet thickness is usually 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. The warranty period is 10 years. On the external side, there is UV-coating layers and it also has characteristic of anti-drip and anti-aging.

    Outer Sunshade System

    In the summer when indoor temperature rise to a certain value, it can reflect a part of the sun and diffuse sunshine into the greenhouse according to the different shading rate, achieving the purpose of cooling temperature. Close sunshade screen, at the same time the greenhouse temperature drop 4 ~ 6℃, reduce temperature in the greenhouse. By choosing different shading rate curtain, it can meet the sunshine demand of different crops. 

    Outer Sunshade System2xe

    Inner Sunshade&Warming System


    This system is installing inner sunshade net in the greenhouse.In summer, it can reduce the inner temperature, and in winter and in night, it can prevent the heat running off. It has two types, ventilation type and thermal insulation type.

    The internal thermal insulation curtain system is primarily utilized in colder climates with temperatures below 5°C. It functions to minimize heat loss through infrared radiation on chilly nights, thus cutting down on surface heat loss and reducing the energy required for heating. Ultimately, this can lead to decreased operating expenses for greenhouse facilities.

    Cooling System

    Cooling system can decrease the temperature according to the principle of evaporation of water for cooling. System has high-quality cooling pads and the fans with big wind.The core of cooling system is the cooling pads, which can evaporate water, is made of corrugated fiber is corrosion resistant and has long working life, because the raw material is added to a special chemical composition. The special  cooling pads can ensure the water wets whole wall of  cooling pads. When the air goes through the pads, the exchange of water and air on the surface of pads can change the hot air into cool air, then it can humidify and cool the air. 


    Ventilation System


    Greenhouse ventilation system is divided into two kinds, natural and forced ventilation. Polycarbonate greenhouse natural ventilation is opening staggered windows on the roof. Forced ventilation is achieved through installing blowers. In general, we install the cooling system of fans and cooling pad. Ventilation systems can be customized according to customer needs and planting conditions.

    Heating System

    Heating system has two types, one type is using the boiler to provide heat, and another uses of electric. Boiler fuel can choose coal, oil, gas and bio fuels. Boilers need laying of pipelines and water warming blower to heat. If use electricity, you need electric warm air blower to heat.


    Light Compensating System


    Greenhouse compensating light, also called plants light, is a required light of supplying light to the plants for growing and developing, instead of sunlight according to the natural law of plant growth and the principle of plants using sunlight for photosynthesis. At this moment most of farmers use high pressure sodium lamp and LED lamp.

    Irrigation System

    The greenhouse watering system includes a water purification unit, water storage tank, irrigation setup, and a combined water and fertilizer system. We provide a choice between drip irrigation and spray irrigation, so you can choose the most appropriate method for your greenhouse needs.


    Nursery Bed System


    Nursery bed has Fixed bed and movable bed. Movable nursery bed specifications: seedbed standard height 0.75m, can be adjustable a little. Standard width 1.65m, can be changed according to the width of the greenhouse, and length can be customized according to the user requirements; movable bed grid 130 mm x 30 mm (length x width), hot dip galvanized material, high corrosion resistance, good load-bearing capacity, long service life. Specifications for the fixed bed: length 16m, 1.4m wide, height 0.75m.

    CO2 Control System

    The main purpose is to achieve real-time monitoring of the CO2 concentration in the greenhouse, so that the CO2 in the greenhouse is always within the range of crops suitable for crop growth.Mainly including CO2 detector and CO2 generator. The CO2 sensor is a sensor used to detect CO2 concentration. It can monitor the environmental parameters in the greenhouse in real time and make adjustments based on the monitoring results to ensure a suitable growth environment for plants.


    Control System


    Greenhouse control system is generally composed of control cabinet, sensors and circuits, which can be realized semi automatic control. You can also use the computer to intelligently control the greenhouse systems through installing networking.

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