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Single Tunnel Film Agriculture Greenhouse

Film Greenhouse

Single Tunnel Film Agriculture Greenhouse

Single tunnel film greenhouse is also called spring-autumn greenhouse. The greenhouse only has one arch, which is the most simple film greenhouse. It is mainly composed of greenhouse structure, film cover and ventilation. Although this greenhouse can resist big wind and big snow and its winter thermal insulation is also not good, in early spring, it can harvest the vegetable in advance and in late autumn, it can extend the vegetable harvest time, to get better economic benefit.

The single tunnel film greenhouse width is usually 4m to 10m and the standard is 8m. The greenhouse length is usually 20m to 100m. The film cover thickness is usually 120 microns, 150 microns or 200microns.


    The main features of  Single tunnel film greenhouses are as follows

    1. Keep warm. The greenhouse can be covered with straw or thermal curtain, to improve the internal temperature of the greenhouse at night.
    2. Light transmittance. The new plastic film has the light transmittance of 80%-90%.
    3. Moisture. The film can effectively reduce the evaporation of water inside the greenhouse, to keep the soil and air humidity inside the greenhouse.
    4. The utilization rate of the greenhouse is high, and the cost is low, and it is convenient.

    Greenhouse Cover&Structure

    • 1. Steel Structure
    • Steel structure material is high quality carbon steel which is accordance with national standard. Steel parts and fasteners are processed according to “GB/T1912-2002 Technical Requirements and Test Methods of Hot-galvanized Layer for Metal Coating Steel Production”. Inside and outside hot galvanized steel should meet the national standard (GB/T3091-93) requirements of quality products. Galvanized layer should have thickness uniformity, no burr, and the galvanized layer thickness is not less than 60um.
    • 2. Cover material
    • The film cover usually uses PE film or PO film. PE film is produced by 3-layer technology, and PO film by 5-layer technology. All the film has UV coating, and it has characteristic of anti-drip and anti-aging.The film thickness is 120 microns, 150 microns or 200 microns.

    Ventilation system

    Arch greenhouse natural ventilation has roof ventilation and side ventilation. Each span has 2-4 pcs of film roll up unit, and four sides have 1-2 pcs of film roll up unit on each side. The roll up unit has two types, manual type and electric type. The manual type has roof type and side type.


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