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What systems are equipped with ecological restaurant greenhouses?

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What systems are equipped with ecological restaurant greenhouses?

2024-04-15 00:00:00

The ecological restaurant greenhouse is a modern agricultural building facility that is planned, designed and constructed using relevant knowledge such as architecture, horticulture and ecology. It uses control technology and agricultural cultivation management technology to maintain the beautiful environment of the restaurant, forming a green The plant configuration pattern mainly includes landscape plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables, combined with garden landscapes such as rockeries, small bridges and flowing water, to comprehensively present a green and beautiful dining environment to tourists.

Greenhouse supporting facilities:

There are many supporting facilities for an ecological restaurant greenhouse, generally including a window ventilation system, cooling system, internal and external shading system, heating system, etc. The window ventilation system is very turbid inside a general restaurant, and the air can easily become polluted. Gas, the reason why an ecological restaurant is "ecological" is that it uses good ventilation facilities to make people feel like they are in nature. To maintain air circulation, there are usually many forms of ventilation systems. Cooling system, this is to ensure that the indoor summer temperature is suitable for people. Currently, most of the cooling systems used in ecological restaurants include wet curtain fans, internal and external sunshades, and air conditioners. Generally, several types of cooling systems are used. Used in combination with other forms, this can reduce the operating costs of ecological restaurant greenhouses. Generally speaking, it is very necessary for an ecological restaurant greenhouse to configure an internal and external shading system for cooling the entire greenhouse, and it can save energy and operating costs, making it truly "ecological". The heating system is to ensure that the indoor temperature is suitable in winter. Currently, the heating systems used in ecological restaurants include water heating, air conditioning heating, etc. Taking into account the different needs of guests, air conditioners will also be equipped. In order to maintain small areas such as private rooms, Temperature is adjusted.

In addition to the systems mentioned above, there are also air circulation systems, power systems (lighting, power), fertilization systems, water supply and drainage systems, etc.