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Precautions for the installation process of the steel frame of the glass greenhouse

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Precautions for the installation process of the steel frame of the glass greenhouse

2024-06-27 00:00:00
1. Installation order of the glass greenhouse
The glass greenhouse structure project is generally installed in the order of the main structure of the greenhouse, the top glass covering installation, the skylight installation, the facade glass covering installation, and the door and window installation.
2. Installation of columns
When installing the columns of the main structure of the glass greenhouse, attention should be paid to the classification of the columns. After the classification, the columns should be placed in the required installation position, and the columns should be erected by hand or crane, and the anchor bolts should be tightened or the columns should be welded to the embedded iron plate; after the columns are installed, the scissor braces should be installed immediately. When installing, pay attention to the consistent installation direction of the fasteners. After the scissor braces are installed, the verticality of the columns should be re-measured, and the columns are not allowed to be tilted.
3. Installation of drainage trough
The installation of aluminum gutter should be carried out in the order of aluminum gutter - aluminum gutter support - gutter support connection; aluminum gutter - aluminum gutter joint; aluminum gutter - aluminum gutter plug. During the installation process, attention should be paid to applying sealant;
4. Installation of surrounding wall beams
Before installing the vertical wall beams and crossbars, the columns should be straightened for the second time, and the verticality deviation of the columns should be ≤ 3 mm/m; when installing the wall beams, the overall plane of the outer surface of the wall beams should be aligned; the columns are connected to the wall beams and fixed by corner joints and bolts; the horizontal height of the crossbar should correspond to the drawing, and the straightness error of the wall beams at the same height should be ≤ 5mm. If the error size is exceeded, the wall beams need to be adjusted.
5. Installation of top glass
When installing the top covering material of the glass greenhouse, due to the installation gap between the glass and the rafters, the rafter position size should be recalibrated every 4 m according to the position of the greenhouse gutter, composite beam or external sunshade column. First, install the side frames of the skylight, place the aluminum material of the skylight on the workbench, and connect the frames with self-tapping screws. Connect the arm connector to the corresponding position of the corresponding bottom frame with self-tapping screws. Install the card slots of the side and bottom frames, the length of which is the same as the aluminum material of the frame and side frames, and install the skylight rubber strips;
6. installation of facade glass
The first choice for the facade glass covering of the glass greenhouse is to install aluminum materials. The installation order is from bottom to top. Before installing the bottom glass, it is necessary to install rubber strips in the horizontal glass groove of the low wall to increase the sealing; the installation of doors and windows requires firm installation, good sealing, flexible push and pull, and complete door locks.