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Exported 5,000 square meters of insect-proof greenhouse to Peru to help agricultural development

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Exported 5,000 square meters of insect-proof greenhouse to Peru to help agricultural development

2024-06-24 00:00:00
Recently, a batch of insect-proof net greenhouses with a total area of ​5,000 square meters were loaded from China and set off for Peru. This batch of greenhouses has achieved rapid ordering and loading, and is expected to provide important support for Peru's agricultural production. Peru's unique natural climate provides good growth conditions for agriculture, but the demand for insect and bird prevention has prompted it to seek more professional greenhouse solutions. The insect-proof net greenhouse imported from Hualiang Greenhouse this time, with its simple and effective design, perfectly meets local needs.
The design of this type of greenhouse is based on practicality. By covering the outer layer of the greenhouse skeleton with a special insect-proof net, it effectively prevents insects and birds from invading crops. This insect-proof net not only protects crops from pests and diseases, but also greatly reduces the use of pesticides, which coincides with the direction of ecological agriculture development promoted by Peru.
The success of this transaction is not just a simple commodity transaction, but also a microcosm of the cooperation between China and Peru in the field of agriculture. With the exchange and integration of global agricultural technology, China's agricultural technology and products are gradually going global, helping more countries to improve their agricultural level.
It is understood that these insect-proof net greenhouses imported from Peru will be used to grow a variety of vegetables and fruits. The use of this greenhouse technology can not only improve the yield and quality of crops, but also ensure the safety of agricultural products by reducing the use of chemical pesticides, thereby better meeting the needs of the market and consumers. In the future, this simple and efficient insect-proof net greenhouse is expected to be promoted and used in Peru and even more countries, contributing to global agricultural production.