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Development status and trends of smart greenhouses at home and abroad

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Development status and trends of smart greenhouses at home and abroad

2024-07-04 00:00:00
Some Western developed countries, especially Europe and the United States, have begun to develop greenhouse planting technology relatively quickly. Developed countries such as the United States, Israel, and Canada have begun to use instruments to collect on-site information in greenhouses and control them based on indicators, basically realizing the mechanization and automation of agricultural production. However, at that time, only single-factor control technology was used in greenhouse control, that is, only environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, light intensity, and CO2 were controlled separately.

Control technology in the field of greenhouse environment is constantly changing with the development and application of computer technology. An integrated greenhouse network management system has emerged in the United States that integrates climate regulation, farmland irrigation, and crop fertilizer supply. The system executes by integrating various production management and then adjusting each part based on sensor input. actions to achieve the most economical and effective means of controlling the greenhouse.

Israeli greenhouse agriculture uses a computerized environmental control system, which has advanced greenhouse structure and air temperature and humidity control systems, and works with auxiliary equipment such as curtains and skylights to automatically adjust light intensity. The central computer in the monitoring room communicates with the on-site controller to easily control the drip irrigation and micro-sprinkler irrigation systems for irrigation and fertilization, which can achieve a water and fertilizer utilization rate of 80% to 90%.

Canadian Greenhouse Agriculture uses computer-aided greenhouse management software to conduct real-time analysis and processing of data collected during the production process, reducing production costs, reducing the use of pesticides, and improving greenhouse economic benefits.

In short, the foreign smart greenhouse industry developed early and has high economic benefits. With the continuous advancement of microcomputer technology, the application of modern measurement and control technology, wireless network technology, fortune telemetry technology, and expert system technology in greenhouse control and management has greatly improved the advancement of greenhouse control systems, and many researchers have New control ideas and control algorithms are proposed to improve the control of greenhouse systems. The greenhouse comprehensive environmental control system with computer technology as the core has truly entered the Entering the stage of intelligence and networking.