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What is the difference between internal insulation and internal shading in a greenhouse?

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What is the difference between internal insulation and internal shading in a greenhouse?

2024-03-29 10:11:19
When we are doing greenhouse projects, some uninformed customers often confuse internal insulation and internal shading systems, but in fact the two are essentially different.

The internal shading system generally uses aluminum foil shading net, with a shading rate of about 65%. It can improve the ecological environment in the greenhouse by adjusting the light. When the indoor temperature rises to a certain value in summer, it can reflect part of the sunlight according to different shading rates and make the greenhouse more comfortable. Sunlight diffuses into the room to achieve cooling. Closing the shading and thermal insulation curtain can reduce the temperature of the greenhouse by 4~6℃, thereby reducing the required indoor temperature.

Using rack and pinion transmission, the sunshade curtain travels in the direction of the bay. The drive shaft is connected to the reduction motor and the gear. When the reduction motor rotates, the drive shaft drives the gear to rotate. The rotation of the gear drives the rack, and the push-pull rod is supported by the support roller and connected to the rack. Therefore, if the reduction motor rotates reciprocally, the push-pull rod can realize reciprocating operation. Fix one end of the sunshade net to the beam and column, and fix the other end to the push-pull rod, so that the sunshade net can be unfolded and folded.

The material of the internal insulation system is a lightweight quilt that does not absorb water. When the greenhouse or indoor temperature drops to the set low temperature limit at night, the insulation quilt can be opened to strengthen the insulation of the greenhouse, reduce ground radiant heat loss, reduce heating energy consumption, and greatly reduce greenhouse operating costs; during the day, the shading can be turned off The curtain allows the greenhouse to be fully lit, and its working principle is the same as that of internal shading.

We configure internal shading and internal insulation according to different environments. Tropical areas generally do not need internal insulation, but cold areas are different. Some extremely cold areas require two sets of internal insulation to meet the needs of the greenhouse.