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Qatar's 5,000-square-meter film greenhouse skeleton was successfully completed

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Qatar's 5,000-square-meter film greenhouse skeleton was successfully completed

2024-03-18 00:00:00
Recently, the 5,000-square-meter film greenhouse project undertaken by our company in Qatar has made important progress. The greenhouse skeleton part has been fully installed, marking that the project has entered a new critical stage. It is understood that the smooth installation of the greenhouse frame is inseparable from the careful construction of our company's professional technical team and the efficient collaboration of on-site management personnel. In the face of challenges and difficulties, the team always maintained a high sense of responsibility and professionalism, ensuring the smooth progress of construction progress and quality.

Next, follow-up work will be carried out such as the installation of cooling fan and pad, film coverings, internal heating systems and irrigation systems. The installation of these equipment will further improve the function and performance of the greenhouse and provide strong support for subsequent planting and production. The smooth progress of this project will not only provide modern and intelligent planting conditions for local agricultural production, but also establish a better reputation and image for the company in the local market, laying a solid foundation for the company's future development. As the subsequent equipment installation work begins, we will continue to pay attention to and report on the latest progress of the project. We look forward to the successful completion and putting into use of the project, which will bring new vitality and hope to local agricultural production.