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How to find the slope elevation of a multi-span greenhouse

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How to find the slope elevation of a multi-span greenhouse

2024-06-03 00:00:00
A multi-span greenhouse refers to a large-scale greenhouse connected by multiple single greenhouses. The use of multi-span greenhouses must consider drainage. The drainage of multi-span greenhouses is found by the slope of the gutter. So how to find out the appropriate slope of the gutter?
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1. Multi-span greenhouse gutter drainage
The gutter drainage of the greenhouse generally considers drainage on both sides, and drainage distance within 30 meters can also consider single-side drainage. The greenhouse gutters in the multi-span greenhouse industry are divided into thin-film multi-span greenhouse gutters with a width of 500mm and veined glass greenhouse gutters with a width of 375mm. This is the standard size of the industry. It is recommended not to change it at will, because these are also the optimal sizes calculated.
2. Multi-span greenhouse gutter drainage slope
The slope of the gutter is high in the middle and low on both sides. The slope is between 2.5 and 4 thousandths, and the specific maximum rainfall in the local area is also required. Our common method of finding the slope is to find the slope by the height of the embedded parts foundation. When placing the embedded parts, the size is measured by the level meter according to the elevation, and then the embedded iron plate is fine-tuned. Another way is to put all the embedded parts on the construction site at the next level, and then adjust the height difference according to our column cutting method.
3. The harm of not draining the multi-span greenhouse
If the multi-span greenhouse does not measure the elevation or the elevation is inaccurate, it will cause water to accumulate in the gutter for a long time, affecting the life of the gutter. Secondly, it will also cause poor drainage during heavy rains, and the water in the gutter will flow back to the multi-span greenhouse.