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Customer received our greenhouse order

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Customer received our greenhouse order

2024-02-29 14:50:46
Recently, our company's Turkish customers received the greenhouses they ordered. This is a large-scale smart glass greenhouse with a total construction area of 5,000 square meters. The greenhouse is technologically advanced and will be installed under the guidance of our company's technical staff to ensure efficient operation of the greenhouse.
This smart glass greenhouse will use the latest greenhouse technology, including automatic temperature control systems, intelligent shading systems and irrigation systems to ensure a stable and optimized growing environment. Mechanization that can adjust temperature, humidity, light, water and fertilizer automatic control. These advanced technologies will help customers maximize crop yields and provide a more controlled growing environment, thereby making agricultural production more efficient and sustainable.

Our company is very proud to be able to provide Turkish customers with smart glass greenhouses of this scale. Cooperation with customers will further strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the agricultural field and provide new opportunities for agricultural technology and production. During the next installation process, our company will send the most professional technical personnel to Turkey to work closely with customers to ensure the smooth installation and commissioning of the greenhouse. We look forward to all this bringing bumper harvests and successful agricultural production to our Turkish customers. The completion of this 5,000-square-meter smart glass greenhouse will inject new vitality into local agricultural production in Turkey and provide local farmers with a more advanced planting environment and technical support. Our company looks forward to achieving more results in future cooperation with Turkish customers and making greater contributions to agricultural technology and production.