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5000SQM Film Greenhouse Loading Container

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5000SQM Film Greenhouse Loading Container

2024-03-21 14:19:58
Recently, a batch of film greenhouses with advanced equipment were successfully packed and shipped to Armenia. The total area of these greenhouses reaches 5,000 square meters, which will provide a more ideal growing environment for local agricultural production.

These greenhouses are equipped with advanced equipment such as air coolers, cooling pad cooling systems, irrigation systems. Among them, the  cooling system effectively reduces the temperature in the greenhouse during high temperature seasons and provides a comfortable growing environment for crops; the irrigation system can ensure that plants Get enough water at the right time.

It is understood that the introduction of these greenhouses marks a new stage in Armenia's agricultural production technology. The introduction of these advanced equipment will bring revolutionary changes to local agricultural production, increase crop yield and quality, and bring better economic benefits to local farmers.

The film greenhouses shipped to Armenia this time will become an important support for local agricultural production and inject new impetus into the sustainable development of local agriculture. It is expected that the arrival of these advanced equipment will bring new hope and vitality to Armenia’s agricultural production.