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5000SQM Film Greenhouse Loading Container

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5000SQM Film Greenhouse Loading Container

2024-05-06 00:00:00

 Recently, a batch of glass greenhouses including air coolers, cooling pad cooling systems, irrigation systems, heating systems and other advanced equipment were successfully packed and shipped to Europe. The total area of these greenhouses reaches 5,000 square meters, which will provide a more ideal growing environment for local agricultural production.

 After a short communication, the customer decided to visit the factory in person. After the visit, he was very satisfied with the production and greenhouse base and immediately placed a deposit for production. This move fully demonstrates customers' trust and recognition of our products and services.


 The glass greenhouse is equipped with advanced equipment such as air coolers, wet curtain cooling systems, irrigation systems and heating systems to provide a comfortable growing environment for crops. The fan-water curtain cooling system effectively reduces the temperature in the greenhouse during high-temperature seasons, the irrigation system ensures that plants receive sufficient water supply at the right time, and the heating system maintains the temperature in cold winter and provides a warm environment for crops.

 The shipment of these glass greenhouses to Europe marks a further upgrade in agricultural production technology and will bring revolutionary changes to local agricultural production. The introduction of these advanced equipment will increase the yield and quality of crops and bring better economic benefits to local farmers.

 The glass greenhouses sent to Europe this time will become an important support for local agricultural production and inject new impetus into the sustainable development of local agriculture. It is expected that the arrival of these advanced equipment will bring new hope and vitality to European agricultural production.