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4000 SQM Film Greenhouse Shipped To Malawi

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4000 SQM Film Greenhouse Shipped To Malawi

2024-06-20 00:00:00

Recently, a batch of high-end film greenhouses with a total area of 4,000 square meters departed from China and headed for Malawi, an African country. This batch of greenhouses is equipped with advanced climate control systems, including fan wet curtain cooling system, external shading system, side and top film ventilation system and irrigation system. Electric heaters are also installed inside to ensure a stable and optimized planting environment.
Malawi is located in southeastern Africa and has a diverse climate and rich natural resources. However, the country is also often affected by extreme weather, such as tropical cyclones and floods. Despite the challenges of natural disasters and economic conditions, the Malawi government is still committed to improving agricultural production conditions and enhancing national food security.
The greenhouse project introduced this time not only provides the necessary facilities, but also brings advanced planting technology. A professional technical team will arrive in Malawi with the goods to be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the greenhouses. This will be a comprehensive technology transfer aimed at enabling local farmers to manage and maintain these greenhouses on their own, so as to benefit in the long run.
Malawi has a changeable climate, with temperatures reaching 29℃ in the hot season and dropping to 7℃℃ in the cool and dry season. Such climatic conditions pose a challenge to agricultural production. Therefore, greenhouses equipped with a complete climate control system will become the key to the modernization of local agriculture. For example, the fan wet curtain cooling system will provide necessary cooling in the hot season, while the electric heater will ensure the growth of crops in the cool season.
In addition, the introduction of the irrigation system will solve the problem of unstable local precipitation, ensure the supply of water required by crops through scientific and technological means, and further improve the stability and efficiency of agricultural production.
The Malawi government is full of expectations for this project and plans to use these greenhouses as demonstration bases for agricultural technology training to further improve the level of agricultural technology across the country and lay a solid foundation for future agricultural development.