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3600SQM Film Greenhouse Loading Container

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3600SQM Film Greenhouse Loading Container

2024-06-21 10:10:42

After a week of close communication and coordination, the customer quickly reached an agreement with us. The transaction covers 3,600 square meters of film greenhouses, which have been fully loaded today and officially embarked on the journey to Jamaica. This cooperation not only marks the further expansion of Hualiang Greenhouse in the international market, but also shows Jamaica's positive steps in the modernization of agricultural facilities.

The successful launch of the film greenhouse project stems from the efficient communication between the company and the Jamaican buyer. After learning about our production capacity and product quality, the customer quickly made a purchase decision. As an economical and practical agricultural facility, the film greenhouse is widely used all over the world because of its easy installation and maintenance and good thermal insulation performance.

The film greenhouse exported to Jamaica this time uses high-quality materials and advanced design. The design of the greenhouse fully considers the climatic conditions in Jamaica, and is particularly suitable for the year-round cultivation of vegetables, flowers and various other plants. In addition, this greenhouse structure can effectively withstand extreme weather such as strong winds and tropical storms, ensuring the stability and safety of agricultural production.

The loading of the greenhouse is also strict and professional. On the premise of ensuring that the loading volume of each container does not exceed its maximum limit, the staff carefully arranges the materials of the film greenhouse reasonably. This not only ensures safety during transportation, but also ensures the integrity and convenience of the goods when they arrive at their destination.

With the continuous advancement of global agricultural technology, Jamaica will greatly improve its agricultural production efficiency and crop yields by introducing modern agricultural facilities. This will not only help the country achieve food self-sufficiency, but also increase the international competitiveness of its agricultural products. The film greenhouses made in China have played an important role in this process, providing strong support for the development of Jamaican agriculture.